Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bad jokes make me Silly

Well, the rabbi called me up again to the bimah to do the Torah blessings. Now, I really ... really ... am not that great at the chanting/singing/whatever that goes on when you do the blessing. I've heard it about 100 million times, but still when you're saying it it just kind of seems all outta wack. But I was glad becuase my good pal Dan came with me and I was glad he was there to hear me. And now? TV reruns.

I thought about going out to have a drink or two with some of the DNers, but I have to be back at my parent's house at the ass-crack of dawn for the garage sale. So bed it is, pretty soon. After I devour this raspberry iced tea.

You know. I'll diverge from my typically Jewish-oriented material for a personal thing. There's this girl who I've seen at shows for eons. She's about my size, but she wears it better. Maybe she's taller, or her bras do more lifting, but she looks good. She looks very scene. And not that I want to look really scene, but I want to "flaunt" what I have. And when I say flaunt, I mean be incredibly proud of showing off. Uck. I wish I knew how to do that. I'm too fond of t-shirts that don't cling and jeans that don't cling and things that just don't cling.

I'm in a strange place. And I leave in less than a week.