Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When the ships come ashore, will we know which one is Ours?

I am, in fact, alive. I'm in D.C., where in the evenings it smells like honey suckles and during the day it's hotter than hell. If I believed in hell, that is. The humidity ... even just a few minutes in it ... makes you feel like dying. But I figure since I don't give two shits about what anyone here thinks of me, I unloaded my car 'round 2 today and then went to Whole Foods in my crappy clothes, unshowered, and probably smelling like tuches. It was glorious, and the $6.00 salad I bought was totally worth it. Am I broke yet? Yes. I am. Thanks for asking.

On the way out I stopped in Iowa and spent time with Patrick. We ate delicious tacos at this joint called Tasty Tacos (yes, you can buy T-shirts) and went to the High Life Lounge and drank High Life. Then there was Chicago, which, well, was a trip. I'm going back there, it's decided. Come hell or high water, I'm heading to Chicago in three months to see just how poor and downtrodden I can become. It'll be fun, I promise. Some of the sites of Chi-town were shown to me by my gracious host, Ian, who can be seen in a few photos. I'm particularly fond of the one of the little girl running, though my appreciation for the shadows with the arm is poignant. Then there's he and I.

Driving through the mountains in the morning was dreadful, and aside from my stop in Wheeling near a giant Cabela's (I had to stop for dinner at Applebee's, where I acquired some pink beads left in the booth by some child, surely) ... where I ran into a few old men from NYC with a license plate that read "NO GELT" ... it wasn't that great. I stopped in Hagersomethingorother and slept in the parking lot of a grocery store at around 2 in the morning, before waking up and trucking on to D.C.

The plan was to stay with Heather in Baltimore, but when the exit approached, I just couldn't do it. So I drove around Tenlytown and Glover Park, poking around near the National Cathedral trying to find my apartment. When I did find it, I was overjoyed. I parked my car on the street (yah for holidays!), grabbed my top sheet, comforter and suitcase, got my keys, and climbed right into bed. An IKEA bed. It's glorious. All of the furniture in my room is IKEA. Talk about brilliant...

Anyhow. I've changed my plans, my goals. Copy editing is a means, but it isn't the end. No, I really want to teach. I want to keep learning. I want to be that professor who won't get her head out of the book and ILLs books from the far reaches of the globe studying ... well ... Judaic Studies. So when I'm done in D.C. ... I'm heading to Chicago. I've got multiple reasons to go there, but mostly:

A) I love the city
B) There are a bajillion schools there for which I can apply to
C) I love the transit
D) My future (so ambiguous) is there.

Times they are a'changin' folks.