Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Mikvah me!

I picked up a copy of the Jewish Quarterly (which I didn't realize our library gest) and read up a bit on the Jews of Ethiopia. It's fascinating to me, because looking at their life and who they are, it's so authentic. But the Jews still in Ethiopia seem to be living like Marranos did during and shortly after the Inquisition -- they convert to Christianity from outside threatening pressures, but continue to observe Shabbat and keep some of the rituals. It's fascinating really. I think I may have to find a book on it this summer and immerse myself in it.

Until then, though, I've checked out two books by A.B. Yehoshua (an Israeli writer). There was a minipiece in the Jewish Quarterly about him and his writing, including a bit on Philip Roth not being a huge fan (even writing out against a character in one of his own books) ... so I figure what the hey. I need to get a copy of The Ladies Auxiliary by Tova Mirvis, too. My prof suggested it to me, and after reading a bit by her in the guilt book yesterday, I'm motivated.

Some other randoms: Did you know Roseann Barr (at one time Boriafsky or something) is Jewish? Poor thing grew up in the Mormon church with her grandmother toting her to Shabbat on Fridays. Talk about growing up confused. Oh, and Harry Houdini was Jewish, too -- decendent of a long line of rabbis (reform, even).

There are moments when I wish I had converted via a more observant route. Then again, I think in time I will convert more conservative. Why? Becuase I want to be immersed.