Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doin' the Turkey Trot.

Well, folks, it's another Thanksgiving. That means that tomorrow the world starts throwing itself into massive debt and today the packing on of the average of 7 pounds begins. So I want to wish you a delicious turkey day, but do not overindulge! Keep it safe, keep it simple. And if you do go out tomorrow? Well, just remember, things are just that -- things!

My otherwise crappy mood (since 5 a.m. the ancient heating units in my apartment have been clicking and banging and clicking and banging and stressing me the frick out) has been brightened by the fact that ... it's snowing! Finally! Snow! Yes, ohmigosh, SNOWW!!!

This means that I can finally be happy once again :) Goodbye reverse seasonal affective disorder!

So be happy, be full, be healthy -- and most importantly, be at peace!