Monday, June 23, 2008

Jewish paraphernalia.

Okay, maybe I'm feeling super generous these days, and I swear I'm not getting anything from the blogs or sites that I talk up so heavily. I'm just a fan. A fan of blogs and things celebrating and supporting the Jewish existence.

So over on Twitter I got a new follow today from PopJudaica (todah!). I clicked on the link on the profile and ended up at this awesome little site with lots of super swanky Judaica items. I don't think I'd known about this site before, and if I did, well, I missed out. I mean, check out some of the cool things this site has!

A Koogle apron! Then there's the Hip Kosher cookbook, which "provides detailed, practical resources for finding kosher items in your local stores and more than 175 recipes for every meal and occasion, showcasing contemporary American dishes rather than traditional Eastern European or Sephardic fare..." and is "Accessible, easy-to-prepare, and versatile, the recipes are perfect for busy people who don't have hours to spend in the kitchen." For the really ambitious, there's Med School in a Box. There are also some nice pieces of jewelry; I dig the Shema necklace and the circular Love pendant.

There's also an abundance of t-shirts with catchy slogans, which I'm probably inappropriately drawn to because sometimes I think the Jewish men have it easier than us ladies with their kippot exclaiming "I'm Jewish" whereas the womenfolk can don jewelry and the such, but it's a wee bit more difficult.