Sunday, June 22, 2008


The thing is, shopping for dorm stuff -- sheets, a shower caddy, laundry bags -- is weird. I went down this road six years ago when I was heading to undergrad, and now that I'm heading to graduate school in August, I'm doing it all over again. It was sort of uncomfortable, actually. I mean, I have an entire apartment full of things -- a bed, tables, bookshelves, kitchen appliances, a TOASTER! And now? I'm getting rid of everything. Every last thing. I'm keeping my books, my clothes, and a few bowls and cups for the dorm life. It's so strange. It's downright otherworldly.

And I have four words for you: Extra. Long. Twin. Sheets.

Give me about five to six more years and maybe I'll be settled back into the domestic life. Maybe sooner, actually. We're shooting for age 30 here. It's weird that I'm not even 25 yet. But I will be living in the dorms as a 25 year old.

That, well, that's the strangest thing of all.