Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kashruth Stress! And an A.

The struggle to decipher the politics of kashruth stresses me out. The "plain K" heckscher is legitimate on Kellogg's products (and I read somewhere that it's really the OU who oversees those products, but no clue why they wouldn't use an OU), but on Yoplait yogurt, which lists "kosher gelatin" as an ingredient, where the "plain K" appears, it's NOT okay. No sir, no way, no how, no consumption! I am, however, stocked about how many things do bear a kosher logo, and I know that my life will be a lot easier than it might have been to keep kosher in 1909.

In unrelated news, for those keeping up on the blog, I redid my craptastic paper over a seven-hour stretch yesterday in the library and I got the letter grade on it already this evening. A sparkling "A" paper, says the professor! That has me stoked, and if I can keep up my work pace and not fall behind again, then maybe I won't freak out like I have over the past week. My anxiety level is in the red and as Pesach approaches I realize that the semester is nearing an end in not very long. I have a huge term paper to write, and the topic I was writing on got switched recently so I've started over with research and am quite behind in that department. But, I know I'm capable and I just have to remind myself of that.