Friday, March 27, 2009

Readership Overview!

First of all, I want to thank the 45 people who took part in my readership-identification poll that ran last week. I'll throw up another relevant poll shortly, but for now, here's the summary of the poll!

It seems most of my readers mainly identify as Modern Orthodox, which I suppose makes sense because that's how I identify. Now, the reason I differentiated between Orthodox and Modern Orthodox is because the sensibilities are fairly different, even though praxis might not be. Orthodox, in  my mind, sings more of Haredi or right-wing or uber-conservative Orthodoxy, while Modern Orthodox shuls might have a woman giving a d'var on Friday nights, all the while she's covering her hair and loves the idea of the mechitzah (okay, so this is something to which I aspire). Okay? Now, if anyone wants to fight me here on the diff. between Modern and run-of-the-mill Orthodoxy, I'm all for having that discussion.

Lastly, I am stoked that there's one person who identified as Humanist, and if that person wouldn't mind contacting me, I'd love to have a guest post on what it means to be a Humanist Jew. I've always wondered what exactly the praxis and traditions behind being Humanist are, so this would be a great opportunity. It could be an anonymous guest post, of course. I'm just looking to learn something and to teach the greater viewing audience a thing while I'm at it.