Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shabbos Roundup.

Since I had direct orders from my Shabbos lunch host (mind you it was him, and not her) to not, I repeat NOT blog about my experiences (though, to be honest they were completely tame) at their home, I'll just present my Shabbos in a series of bullet points.
+ Once again at the Rabbi's for dinner, we once again talked about Twitter. Twitting. Tweeting. Blogging. Etc.
+ I didn't convince a doctor to switch to the ways of the Google.
+ I had the most delicious hamantaschen, again.
+ Ordered to leave the rabbi's at 10 p.m., we failed, arriving back at our host's around 11ish.
+ We then stayed up till well after 1 discussing kashruth (which I feel a lot better about now), conversion, community politics, and family life.
+ I think I'm allergic to the laundry detergent.
+ Aufrufs are fun, especially since you get to peg the chatan with lots of tiny little pieces of chocolate.
+ The many, many hats women wear at my shul are beautiful, large, and I think I'll stick to scarves someday.
+ Evidently it's possible to be "drunk with kidney stones" when you're super preggo.
+ Houses in West Hartford are really, really, really expensive.
+ The rabbi, our hosts, and everyone else really, really, really wants us to move to West Hartford.
+ Buying a house built in the 1700s would be fun, and exciting, but impossible.
+ Hearts of Palm are actually really good in salad.
And lastly? I can't live without my weekly in-take of Everything Challah. How will I last over Pesach!?