Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's Try This Again ...

Okay folks. You know how I announced that the awesome Sophia won the My Favorite Things giveaway? Well, Sophia lives in a faraway land I know little about and that is quite expensive to mail to, so I've opted to pick another winner while also sending something small Sophia's way (I was actually thinking about doing TWO winners to begin with, so this has worked out marvelously).

Thus, the winner of the package of My Favorite Things (by this I mean Sophia is going to get an envelope or something like it with My Favorite Things) ... is commenter Suburban Sweetheart! Mazal tov to SS (who has a real name, but, you know, for the sake of privacy I'll just link you to her blog).

That means I need your address, toots. And to everyone else? Thanks for entering. I might make this a few-times-a-year giveaway, because as the seasons change, so, too, do My Favorite Things change!

Also: I hope your Rosh Hashanah was filled with meaning and awesome reflection, not to mention some napping (but not too much) and that your Shabbos was filled with light and joy!