Friday, September 17, 2010

Yom Kippur Cometh!

My fondest memory of Yom Kippur -- if you can have a "fond" YK memory -- is from my Reform shul in Nebraska one year long ago. Or not so long ago. But the thing is that our sanctuary was located on the main floor of the shul and the social hall and kitchen were downstairs. During the afternoon YK services, people would begin preparing the goods for our break-the-fast meal. Now, you can imagine what this was like. We'd spend probably two to three hours, the hardest of a fast day, smelling the wafting scents of delicious goodies up the stairwell from the kitchen. It was unbelievable. Difficult. And, inevitably, very amusing to us.

Yom Kippur, for me, is tough. I'm not a good faster, I get dehydrated easy, and migraines come at me the moment I wake up on the morning of a fast. But Yom Kippur, to me, is something worth powering through. It's necessary, it's the ultimate day of purpose. The service is long, soul-crushing, perhaps, but ultimately, there is something in the day for everyone. Even if it is a word, a line that strikes you, something that sings to your soul and moves it from crushing to freeing. They call these the High Holidays, because you're supposed to get high. Not on weed, folks, but on life, HaShem, Judaism, you name it. Get high in your mind, in your soul, in your heart. For me? I need this right now, and you should, too. This day comes once a year, so you have to make it right for you.

And, while you're getting your Yom Kippur thoughts on, please check out this amazing video "Yom Kippur: Overboard (Jonah's Song)." Note: This song has a very "Christian Rock" feel to it, but the animation and message are perfect.

An easy fast to you all, and a g'mar chatima tovah! Check in after Shabbos for Haveil Havalim, the newest edition, here on the blog!