Monday, November 22, 2010

A Wedding and a Stylish Hasidic Woman (Er ... Me)

Saturday night, the moment Shabbat ended, Tuvia and I got all gussied up and schlepped off super fast to Deal, NJ, for the wedding of one of Tuvia's oldest friends, Elan, to his lovely kallah, Elana. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Elan and Elana? Seriously? And yes, that's right. The joke was made all throughout the reception, and it is really bizarre and awesome.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, from the one-of-a-kind chuppah, which I will continue to covet for the rest of my life, to Elana's amazing wedding dress and the crazy dancing by the very, very upbeat and energized crowd. Bruno Mars and Rihanna kept the guests dancing all night long, beyond even when Tuvia and I left a little after midnight.

We were incredibly happy to be able to celebrate in their simcha, especially because they came to celebrate in our simcha nearly six months ago. Tuvia rolls with a specific crowd of friends that he's known forever, and it consists of four very close friends: Tuvia, Elan, Yoni and Yoel. Yoel, currently in Moldova with Peace Corps, even sent in a hilarious video. I recorded the reactions of Tuvia, Elan, Yoni and Elana for Yoel, and I hope he enjoys the playback of exactly how people felt about his words and well-wishes.

I would be remiss, of course, to not mention my fashion choice for the wedding, which came with great thought. One of Tuvia's high school friends mentioned later that when she initially walked by me, she thought, "What a stylishly dressed Hasidic woman!" This made me giggle, immensely. When pondering whether to sport my shietel fall, Tuvia assured me that I would stand out like a sore thumb. "You'll be the only one there wearing a sheitel," he said. But, as I've mentioned in the past, there's something about hair that makes you feel a little more dressed up, more professional. And? There was another woman there clearly sporting a wig, which I proudly pointed out to my dear husband.

So, after a trip to Dress Barn, I put together the following outfit, which made me look like a well-dressed religious woman. Tuvia's friend remarked that I pull off being religious and fashionable pretty well. Folks, it can be done. I apologize that the picture is not great, but, well, I left my profesional camera at home, so we relied on camera phones.

Sequined Hat from Target
Black Satin Skirt purchased last fall from Dress Barn
Satin Grey Tank and Floral-embellished Jacket purchased this fall from Dress Barn
Black Clutch purchased from Target many moons ago
School Marm Grey and Black Pumps purchased from Kohl's this fall

I am so very pale, no?
The great thing about this outfit? It was super classy, super easy, super cheap, and I didn't have to accessorize at all. No earrings, no necklace, simply my Pandora charm bracelet, wedding and engagement rings. The floral embellishments on the top plus the sequined hat gave this outfit enough pop to not be overly done, but to look upscale for a black-tie wedding. 

Mazal tov to the happy couple. May you live to be a 120 and may you always be as in love as you are now!