Monday, November 22, 2010

Jewish Agencies and Viral Videos

There have been a lot of Jewish organizations and agencies putting out videos lately in attempts to fundraise and connect Jews. Many of them have been downright embarrassing and excessively inappropriate (think: Jewish Portland "Do you do it?" video and its porno music) and others have garnered mixed reactions (think: AJWS video featuring lots of non-Jews talking about the good works of AJWS).

This all makes me wonder: Why are Jewish organizations rolling out these videos? Are they resulting in $$ returns? Are they effective? Is the backlash worth it? And, most importantly, did they show it to anyone before releasing it to the wolves?

Thus, I give you a representation of an Jewish agency that has put out a hilarious, short, concise, and what I think is effective video. Hats off to JTA for getting it right.