Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be Careful What You Post ... or Don't!

While reading my friendly neighborhood New York Times Magazine (circa October 24, 2010), I learned something shockingly shocking: it is "reported that bloggers — regular folk expressing their honest opinions! — could face huge fines ('up to $11,000 per post,' Mashable.com asserted) for inadequate disclosure."

Wah!? So you're telling me that if I didn't mention that the kind folks behind Kosher by Design had actually sent me the book to review, some snoopy Big Brother could have turned me into the FTC and I would have been facing an $11,000 fine!? Hot dog. That's a hefty fine for non-disclosure.

Anyone run into any FTC issues for non-disclosure? I'm baffled. And wondering how this is actually enforced. I wonder if all of those hits on my blog from Washington, D.C., are really Big Brother checking in ... hopefully my reviews that I do on my own accord (you know, buying the products myself and reviewing them myself) are mistaken for undisclosed reviews and ... what if agents are around the corner!?