Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Google Tarts + SNL Cookie Laughs

Yes, this can easily be made gluten-free. Pick up some GF graham crackers and get going!
Looking for a last minute recipe? Google, in all of its awesomeness, has given press to TV chef and author Ina Garten. Just go to and you'll get this:

Nom nom nom. That looks good. And the recipe? (Yes, I'm buying into the world-wide press for Ina Garten here.) All you have to do is click on the Google logo above (or on and enjoy. There are six recipes available, enough for a full-on Turkey Day meal. So do the Turkey Trot into your kitchen and get busy!

And if you're just looking for a laugh Erev Thanksgiving -- and you're, perhaps, stressed out -- check out this hilarious audition tape from the one, the only, Cookie Monster for the SNL host spot! When did Sesame Street get so darn cool?! And if you missed it, check out my Shalom Sesame post from earlier this week.