Monday, June 11, 2012

Boulder in a Day

Today was a good -- nay! -- great day for me on so many accounts. It helps that I spent the entirety of my time in Boulder celebrating all things Jewish with some of my best friends, but there's also more to plop on top of that.

Earlier last week, I was notified that -- sof sof -- my little carmine red Yaris was finally put in my name, and my name alone. After getting home tonight and checking my mail, I found in my little metal box my certificate of get -- or divorce -- from the beth din out in Jersey that sealed everything. So, as of today, I'm completely and utterly on my own! Baruch HaShem.

So back to today -- the Boulder Jewish Festival. Food, ambiance, friends, music, and sunshine as far as my eyes could see. I got the best hugs, had some inspiring conversations, and am ready to take on the world. I'm constantly reminded of why Boulder feels like home to me, and it's about time I found a way to make that happen.

Here's a mere sampling of my day ... look how bright and beautiful it is!

Devon gets his Brian Williams on. 

Sweet! Buff Gear!

I put on tefillin today!

Mama Doni made an appearance, too.

Nom nom nom pickles. 

The motto of Aish Kodesh, my favorite congregation -- seriously, we don't bite. 

The Goodes and @MelSchol!

Soul Food with Aish Kodesh.

The after party -- completely with margaritas!

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