Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dinner Time in Chavi Land

I'm a firm believer in trying out new recipes most nights of the week, but sometimes I get lazy. There are certain things that I just keep in my pantry because I know I'm going to get lazy. Tonight was one of those nights. With about eight loads of laundry to do (it's been about a month), I grabbed a box of brown rice noodles, a bunch of asparagus, some lemons, salt and pepper, olive oil, some tomatoes, some pitted kalamata (auto-correct wants this to be Kalamazoo if you can believe it) olives, and spinach. And voila! Dinner.

After cleaning and trimming the asparagus, I tossed them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and placed them on a parchment-lined cookie sheets. After dousing them with lemon juice, I roasted them at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes to snackable Lemony Asparagus perfection.

While the asparagus were cooking, I heated a giant pot of water to a boil and removed it from the heat. I tossed in the rice noodles and let them soak (stirring a couple times) for about eight minutes with the lid off. Then drained them in a colander.

Meanwhile, I threw a mixture of hastily chopped tomatoes, kalamata olives, olive oil, salt, and pepper into a saute pan with spinach and heated the goods up.

Bowl, meet rice noodles. Rice noodles, meet random tomato-olive-spinach mixture. Everybody, meet lemony asparagus! Let's call this Rice Noodles with Vegetarian Ragout. Or something like that.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, I whipped up what I can only call Banana Split Crisp. I seriously rocked this randomly, so just follow me here.

Two bananas sliced, a bunch of cut up fresh pineapple, some frozen mixed berries. Toss 'em with some agave. In a food processor, pulse some gluten-free oats with some oat flour, some chopped walnuts, and some unsweetened shredded coconut. Throw in some butter until it's well combined. Throw the latter mixture on top of the former mixture in a square pyrex (or, if you're like me and the Guti's are holding your Pyrex hostage, whatever container you can come up with). Voila!

Seriously, it tastes like a warm banana split. I highly recommend it!