Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, a few things.

Firstly, I'm going to wait to do the Hebrew courses until the Spring, considering the deadline for registration for the non-credit courses is, well, you know, THURSDAY. That's just too quick. Plus, I've got some hefty expenses otherwise that shall keep me from dishing out the grand or so for the Hebrew (you see, if I take it for non-credit, then pass the equivalence exam, then I don't have to pay for the courses as a part of my master's degree which would be three times the non-credit cost). As such, I'm going to pick up the Hebrew textbook they use, zip through the first seven units (aleph-bet, vowels, sounding out, etc.) so hopefully when I get to taking Hebrew I can skip the Mekhina course (the admissions gal said it sounds like I'm probably solid on skipping it anyhow). So for now, I study for the GRE (again) and work on my application. WOOOOO!

Secondly, for Ian's birthday (which is Monday) I was hoping to buy him some Omaha Steaks (which he loves) and take him to Chop House for dinner. The latter is still happening, but instead of my semi-selfish plot of buying steaks (since he does all the cooking), I've gone halfsies on a guitar that he so very much wanted. That beautiful baby over there helps make his collection complete for the time being (two guitars? why does a man need to guitars?). It's nice, considering he sold his stuff when he moved to Chicago (to be with me). So I feel like we're coming full circle.

Thirdly, I'm ready for winter. This heat and humidity is ridiculous to the umph degree.

And that, for now, is all. Shalom!