Thursday, August 2, 2007

When it's darkest.

I have to remind myself that good things are worth waiting for, peace comes to those who wait, that there is light after the dark, and that most of all, the things we want so very much will come to us if we only have hope and wait. The moment is the most important thing, it is in the moment that we find happiness.
"...the Jew is different. His faith does not depend on things making sense. His belief does not come and go, for it doesn't rely on circumstances or external factors. It is built-in. It's inherently there. A Jew believes.

A Jew realizes that there is much in the world that we do not understand -- mortal creations cannot expect to grasp the ways of their infinite Creator.

A Jew never despairs. He know that unlike the ancient Romans, Greeks, Persians, and the not-so-ancient Nazis -- he is still around to tell the story. He was promised by G‑d that he will always be around. And it is this oath that he holds on to when the times get tough and he is faced with trials and tribulations.

A Jew has faith. He knows that it is often darkest before dawn. He believes that any day the world will one again be filled with light."

---Rabbi Yisroel Cotlar