Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I got a call this morning while at work from the professor of Hebrew at Hebrew College. Yes, the professor called me. Not some shmo in advising, but THE professor. Can I be first to say how incredibly stellar that is? She wanted to discuss where I'm at, but I explained that I'm waiting to get the textbook to gauge where I stand. I figure I might take the Mekinah for kicks and giggles as a refresher course. If anything, I'll come out completely crisp and the price isn't that steep. But I'm still all dazzled that I got the call, and the encouragement to call back when I get the text to discuss where I should be placed.

On the upside, she said she's pretty sure the Mekinah has rolling enrollment since it's self-paced. So here's to hoping she was right on that note.

And that, folks, is all for now. Laila tov!