Monday, August 23, 2010

Casual Clothes, Chavi Style

I know I said I didn't want to make this a regular thing, but, well, how I dress and cover my hair -- and, inevitably how I carry myself in speech and action -- are part of who I am as a Jewish woman, so it only makes sense that I'd talk about my clothes, right? I pride myself on my spend-thrift behavior, even if Tuvia thinks I pick up too many garments (hello, he still has more clothes than me!). So here's an outfit from last week, Thursday I believe, and the details therein.

This is a pretty casual, everyday outfit. If I remember correctly, I wore it running some errands. I really liked the twist detail on the tanktop, and throwing a white shirt under it was perfect and it was a definite airy wear. The skirt is super cozy, as well, a cotton/linen type of fabric with an awesome detail at the bottom of eyelets. Throw a scarf with it and bam, an outfit to run errands in or grab a burger in (which I just now remember I did, with my husband!).

Top: Conway (NYC, awesome, $9.99)
Undershirt: Kiki Riki (Susan Abrams, local, $14.00)
Skirt: Lane Bryant Outlet (The fun-time adventure in North Carolina, $20.00)
Scarf: ($6.00, I think ...)
Shoes: Crocs sandals ($25.00-ish)

Overall, this is an outfit that costs less than $75, and a third of that comes from the shoes, which I wear pretty much every day. I really need to learn to accessorize, however. Necklaces, earrings, etc. I wear the same stuff everyday, which is, well, it's fine, but come on. I can rock a mean pair of dangly earrings, so why shouldn't I?

Also: There is a promotion going on RIGHT NOW! The kind folks at CYH are giving away a $200 giftcard to one of the following retailers: Macys, Target, Toys R Us, Banana Republic, GAP, and Children's Place. All you have to do is head over to CYH and enter to win. And, while you're at it, buy some head coverings, mmk?

Note: I'd wanted to post a video blog of how I tie my tichel, but, unfortunately, YouTube was disagreeing with me (my 3 minute video is TOO long? what?) and Vimeo appears to think that my voice and the video shouldn't match up (grrr). So stay tuned, that's coming, too. 

Second Note (of importance): Stay tuned for a big, mind-blowing post about ... hair. Covering it. New ways I'm choosing to cover it, and more. I think I might get flamed by some of my faithful blog readers, and patted on the back by others. Coming tonight. Are you prepared to let your MIND be blown?