Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ...

I like giveaways. Why do I like giveaways? Because I get to hand cool stuff over to cool people. Usually, my giveaways involve products like coupon codes emailed to winners or products sent from companies. Sometimes, however, I get the pleasure of sending a giveaway item to an individual myself, which, for me, is all sorts of fun. It creates a sort of "hey, people on the internet are real" atmosphere. And who doesn't like real mail?

I'm currently hosting a Gluten-Free giveaway over on www.kosher-critic.com, so be sure to check that one out. I think that everyone -- gluten free or not -- should keep some gluten-free treats in their freezer in case friends or kids come over who have an allergy or sensitivity. And, to be honest, Katz Gluten-Free stuff tastes like normal food (I put some icing on their cinnamon rugelach, and I was floating ...).

But again, the winner gets stuff direct from the company -- not me. I don't get a say in the packaging or the contents or the sentiment behind the winnings. Sure, it's nice getting free stuff, but who wants something packaged without love?

So, inspired by the lovely Baker Girl, who is behind An Extended Vacation (who, by the way, was inspired by Brown Eyed Belle), I'm doing a Favorite Things Giveaway! You see, I won Baker Girl's giveaway and the package came today, and I'm just oozing with good feelings for not only having received real mail, but for the great things she included (which, as it turns out, are my favorite things, too!).

How do you win a cool box like this with my favorite things? Simply make sure you're following me here on the blog (there's a button over there in the right column) and then post a comment that you are, indeed, following me! Easy as pie. 

What will come in the package? Well, Unlike Brown Eyed Belle, and more in the vein of An Extended Vacation, it'll be a surprise. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time might have some idea of what kind of goodies will come inside, but hopefully I can surprise you. 

This giveaway will close on Tuesday at 11:30 p.m.! 
(Just in time for me to get the package to the post office before the holiday, hah).