Thursday, August 26, 2010

Itching for Fall

The weather around these parts (Teaneck, that is) has been nice and cool (and by that I mean mid to upper 70s), which has me itching for Fall and Winter. Stores already have placed sweaters and winter skirts out, and that means tis the season: Get ready, here comes the changing leaves and cool weather that allows those of us of the modestly dressed variety to blend in more comfortably (not that we need to, but I'm just saying).

Inspired by the weather, I reached to the back of my closet for my long Brown Corduroy skirt, and it's a little big on me, which is always a nice feeling when you go for the winter clothes, right? Topped it with a tissue tee and a sweater I picked up recently, and you have this little number, which screams of the blacks, grays, and browns of Fall and Winter.

Sigh. Here's hoping Fall arrives soon! Worse comes to worse, I'll just head back out to the Poconos, where Fall started a few weeks ago (I need to take pictures!). Here's a touch of detail on the sweater, which, might I add, is a perfect changing-season sweater because it's a halfsies sweater -- short sleeves, cropped top, and fairly lightweight. It makes the transition smooth!

The outfit broken down:

Tichel/Scarf ~ ($6?)
Ankle-length, Brown Corduroy Skirt (Land's End, last year, $25.00, on sale)
Target Tissue Tee Undershirt ($10.00, I think)
Cropped Gray Sweater (Conway, $10 ... yes, $10)

Oh, and this photo? Taken with my brand new Canon Powershot SX20 IS. LOVE IT. Thanks Tuvia, you're a real mensch.