Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here's for the random.

It's exciting to me to find out someone I know is Jewish, when I did not, in fact, know that they were Jewish. And walking on the sidewalk, even. Turns out a gal I formerly worked with made a delicious loaf of challah this evening, and I've demanded the easy recipe. I wish Weight Watchers were made for those of us who dig kugel, challah, and other delicious Jewish delicacies.

On another note ...

I was heading down the walkway toward the El after visiting the airport today, which, might I add, brought a smile to my face and a skip to my step, when two men in front of me shared this brief, awkward conversation, that made me snicker out loud.

Man 1: (Rubbing head, pained look on face) I think I'm feeling sick. Sick, definitely sick.
Man 2: (Exuberantly) YOU NEED VIAGRA!!!!
Man 1: (Speeds up to a practical run, disappearing ahead)

I had to share that, my apologies. But it was amusing and random and those are the kinds of things that get us through the day.