Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Names. The meaning of names.

So here's a pickle.

Some of you know me as Amanda.
Others of you know me as Chaviva.

On this blog, and in most of the internet world, I am Chaviva, better known as Chavi.

Would I be insane to make this a permanent change? I mean, I'm moving in the fall and going off to school somewhere and I can become who I feel that I am quite easily, indeed. No offense intended to anyone or anything, and most assuredly those who have known me and my family will know me forever as Amanda. But names, in my mind, have such significance, such importance, such meaning. And as I grow, and as I become the person I was meant to be, I grow more and more into my Hebrew name, which in translation means precisely the same thing as the name that my parents issued to me at birth.

But, it's something I am thinking about.