Friday, February 29, 2008

Some blogggsss to read!

So I will diverge here briefly for a few more blog links that I think will be useful for my readers. I have to say thanks to Real Simple magazine for bringing all of these to my attention (except Lifehacker, since that one's been around for eons!). Enjoy, folks!

The first is the site It's your basic website devoted to de-cluttering and finding ways to cut down on the crap. Next, we have, done up by what Real Simple magazine calls "A self-proclaimed 'regular guy' who quit smoking, lost weight, and doubled his income." The fellow "aims to help others make good habits stick." It's worth a gander, darn't. And then there's the classic,, which offers tips and tricks for getting things done in the land of technology.

For the foodies out there, there's's blog, which, from just a quick once over, would appear to have a massive amount of information consolidated in one easy space. Nice! If you like looking at beautiful food photos and watching someone adventure along the path of cooking, visit Then there's, well, I think the name says it all, but it's CupCakesTakeTheCake -- a blog devoted to the delicious little cupped treat. YUMtastic.

And then, just for kicks and giggles, head over to for insider movie/film information!

Stay tuned for a Jewish Blog roll sometime in the near future. I need to scour the blogs, pick out the ones that are worth your time, and get sharing. Then again, what's my opinion? Nu?

Be well!