Friday, July 18, 2008

A quick ditty on my way to bed.

This is part of that 8 percent of my blog that isn't necessarily "on topic" as far as being about Judaism. But really, well, it is, since just about everything in my life relates in some way to my Jewishness. Prepare for utter irrelevance and general blabber.

So I went to the dermatologist today after having put off a small procedure for months and months. It was quick doing, but required a little procedure that means I have to replace some bandages on three different spots for about the next two weeks until said spots are healed. Barring any tests coming back positive or weird, this is just routine for the sake of being safe (I'll just say it has to do with my moles/beauty marks, of which I have about as many as the stars are numerous and the Jews are bountiful).

As I was laying there with the doctor asking me the typical questions (What do you do? Oh you're leaving? What will you study?). He asked why I'd put off coming in for so long and I explained that it was because after my ex and I broke up, I worried about being able to do the bandaging since I didn't have anyone around to help. Then he started asking how I came to Judaism and the first thing he said was, "So was your boyfriend Jewish?" He couldn't see my face, but I grinned that "seriously" kind of grin and said "Nope." He responded with the "Oh, well, everyone I know who has converted to Judaism did it for marriage" line. I said that, yeah, typically, a lot of converts to Judaism tend to be those who do it for spousal reasons, but that we are the few, the proud, who convert purely out of a personal calling. Now, I know plenty of people who convert for marriage end up being more devout than there spouses and I'm not knocking anyone here, but I just think it's interesting that he'd assume!

Of course, my real irritation with the entire visit was that he decided to do the procedure differently so as to make things easier on me since I am a poor, defenseless, helpless lass without a man or other person around to help me take care of the bandaging. After he left the nurse shook her head and explained a few easy ways to get things done -- "I've been all alone and had plenty of excisions, you'll be fine" she explained, with a grin and sarcastic tone in her voice.

At any rate, that's just a little ditty about what I'm medically up to. Not that anyone cares, but, well, someone might.