Friday, July 4, 2008

I couldn't wait!

I came home from watching Chicago's big fireworks display from fairly far away at Montrose Harbor (the show is down in the Loop), and I was famished. There were fellows walking around selling things from carts, but since I neither read nor understand Spanish, I decided I'd better just wait till I got home. So what's the first thing I see upon entering the apartment? CHALLAH! Delicious, scrumptuos, locally made and Kosher challah. So I grabbed a mini roll and downed that puppy. And guess what? It's probably the best challah I've had since that Chabad Shabbat all those years ago when I was in college (that challah had to have had crack in it, it was seriously amazing ... we noshed bags and bags of challah rolls throughout the night). So I give you, delicious, nutritious, amazing local challah!