Friday, July 18, 2008

A thought ...

Does anyone have any tips/advice on how to get free advance (or even released) copies of books for review?

I got an email today from the Jewish Learning Group about that book I blogged about here, Going Kosher in 30 Days. Now, I'm all about buying books, but I like to check them out from the library first, or at least buy them off where books tend to be on the more inexpensive end of things. So unless I buy a really expensive Kindle device, I can't get the book for $9.99, nor can I check it out from the library (since it's not there). And with the state of our economy and me going back to graduate school (blah blah blah).

As an avid blogger/reader/Jewish enthusiast, I think I could really get out the word on books of the Judaica variety, don't you think? So let's see those free copies, folks!

(Okay, this was shameless, I know, but really, I tend to hoard books and I can't even count the amount of $$ I've spent on books in the past six years, but I'm sure it's well into the thousands!)

EDIT: I stand corrected. I just checked Amazon and they finally listed the book (it was not listed just a few days ago!) and there are two "used" copies for $16.00. Looks like I might be procuring ...