Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chavi Goes Shopping, online, Again!

I am presently on the hunt for a t-shirt. I'm not exactly sure what kind of t-shirt, really. I mean, I'm looking for a t-shirt that says "Hey, I'm Jewish" or "Look at me, I have Hebrew on my shirt" or something of that variety. I used to have this amazing Threadless.com shirt with the face of a Hasid and all sorts of Hebrew words or characters or something around it. I loved that shirt, but it was this cream color and it just didn't mesh with my skin, and it was too big, so I got rid of it long ago. I happen to own one T-Shirt with a beautiful dove filled with a medley of pictures/words related to Israel, but I'm looking for something more ... well ... not trendy, per se, but something that's a little more hip to me.

So I found Israel Vintage Icons on T, which has an array of really awesome tees, and the way that the designs are presented are very classy. The Army Girl tee is very neat; it's described as "Based on the 'Army Girl' photo from the Nico and Trudy Schwartz-Hiller collection: 'Recruiting the daughters of Israel to the British Army'." Then there's the Israeli Pictograms shirt, which could come in handy if I ever make it to Israel. I think my favorite, perhaps for its simplicity, is the Star of David tee, which you see on that guy right there. The t-shirts are running $19 a pop, with $6 shipping to the U.S. of A. If you're in Israel, it's a mere $4. Why? Well, this company is based in Israel. D'oh for me!

I also stumbled upon perhaps my favorite t-shirt find. Yes, it's Jews for Cheeses! I'm really seconds away from procuring this tee, simply because, well, I haven't had a run-in with the Jews for Jesus yet, but I have to think that G-d would will it to be on the day that I would be wearing this marvelous t-shirt. Don't you think? Plus, this screen cap shows that one of my favorite TV shows (Pushing Daisies) even saw the hilarious necessity in owning such a shirt!

At this point I'll say that I'm avoiding the typical "Nice Jewish Girl" and "Challah Back" and "Nu Jew" and all of those tees. Why? They're obnoxious and silly, that's why. I want something classy. And maybe "Jews for Cheeses" isn't classy, but come on ... it's hilarious. And those "Let's get Chai" shirts? Gag me with a spoon!

Then, of course, while browsing around I found ModernTribe.com, which has ... well ... not so much with the shirts, but an ark-load of other beautiful things. Including (another) necklace I want. It's the "Letters of Creation" necklace. Oy! So beautiful ... and a Gelt Money Clip? I wish I knew someone who actually used a money clip, becuase I'd drop a dime for this in a second! There are oodles of other things on the Modern Tribe site that, well, if I were rich and not heading to graduate school, I'd most definitely procure.

But back to T-shirts. Chavi needs a t-shirt. There's the typical Hebrew Coca-Cola shirt, but it seems like that's the obligatory tee to have if you're a Jew looking for a shirt, right? Rotem Gear has some nice tees, but none that are really calling to me. And although I would *never* buy it, I thought the "I Choose You, PikaJew" shirt was hilarious. In fact, I'm sending the link to my little brother (a former Pokemon obsessee). Of course, I could get a shirt personalized with my name so everyone who sees it knows who I am -- if they read Hebrew, that is!

And by some stroke of luck, I've found Store of David. I have fallen in love with the Milk and Meat tee, and if I can get over the price, I might just pick it up. And who can resist the I Control the Media tee? I'm often told that, having been a copy editor and being Jewish, well, that I play nicely into that, and I can't deny it! It was then that I stumbled upon the Jewish Food Pyramid tee, and I'm really dismayed because I can't seem to find a larger image of it ... but it simply looks hilariously wonderful. If only it came in something other than powder blue! Then again, there is this let there be light tee, which is on sale. 

But the holy grail of T-shirts has to be this: Chicago. Yes, it's a shirt that SAYS Chicago in Hebrew and has the el map. Yes, yes I think I will have to buy this shirt. After contacting customer service, they assure me that it comes in an array of colors with either black or white text. Here's hoping?

Okay, so I'm no closer to finding a T-shirt than I was when I started this adventure hours ago (I am at work, after all, while composing this). I do have some good options, though. And I know some of you might be asking yourselves, "Chavi! Nu? You're nearly 25. Can't you get serious and lose the t-shirt shtick? Act like an adult already!" But in truth, I've spent the past two years wearing "business" clothes to work and being all dressy bessy. A girl needs a T-shirt, darn't, and not just on the weekends. Soon, I will return to school and with school comes laziness, waking up late, throwing on a tee and going to class. So if you have a favorite tee out of all of these, let me know and perhaps I'll pick it up before I go broke!

Shalom, and happy shopping :)