Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new era, a new hope.

Mr. President, I welcome you!

I was elated to hear the Shema said (in English, that is) by the pastor who said the opening prayer for the ceremonies. Yes, he later wandered into Jesus, when I was hoping he would do a non-denominational, all-inclusive prayer, but what can you do? It's weird to hear a prayer amid a nation that is supposedly not religion specific (ha!). At any rate, I'm listening to Obama's poetic inaugural speech, and I'm feeling inspired. This man has great hopes for us.

The important thing? We can't rely on HIM alone to do it. We've sat idly by for too long letting the president run things. It's a cooperative effort. A democracy. We should donate our time, our money, our bodies, our hearts to efforts and ways to rebuild our society.