Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Public Service Request!

I love the arts. The only thing I love more than the arts, is when people take the arts out into the world to serve a good cause. I happen to know a couple that I absolutely love who is doing just this! It's Miriam and Alan of Stereo Sinai, an awesome Chicago duo that sing the most awesome tunes in the key of Jew. At least, that's my take on it!

At any rate, Stereo Sinai is offering up their classic track, "Eleven Below" for $.99 on their website through February 16th, and all funds collected through YOUR purchase will go to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Now, you might not live in Chicago, maybe you never visited Chicago, but doing good is doing good. Would it hurt you to download a beautiful song to help some people out amid a cold, biter winter?

According to Miriam, "There are over twenty-thousand people homeless every night in Chicago, and not nearly enough beds" ... "When it's this cold, it's a reminder that we need to step up and take care of one another."

Appropriately, the song was born in the cold. Says Alan: "Miriam and I lived on opposite sides of campus, and it's a long way from one side to the other. I promised that I would come see her one night, but it was freezing outside. I bundled up and walked over anyway. When I showed up at her door, she couldn't believe that I'd actually kept my word. She thought it was romantic. She also thought I was stupid for being outside in that weather." Shortly thereafter, the couple wrote this song.

So listen, you heard President Barack Obama shout it from the steps of the Hill today, didn't you? Do some good, help rebuild the U.S., do your part to better society for those who can't seem to better it on their own. Get to it, spend less than a buck, get some awesome tunes, and help house the homeless!