Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Google Bot likes Kvetchingeditor.com.

As much as I really want to write about the Hallmark trainwreck that was "Loving Leah," I can't bring myself to waste the space on it. Lots of other bloggers have written about it, and Twitter was afloat Sunday night with lots of commentary. Let's just say that the message was not that being frum is cool and hip and the way to go, but rather that when your husband dies and by old-school Jewish law you marry his brother, you're best to shed your old ways and go the way of the cool kids.

At any rate, the real reason I'm posting is because I was checking out my Sitemeter.com stats and found this really amusing. I mean, it may not be amusing to Joe Reader, but I've never noticed the Google Bot scoping out my site before. I'm guessing this is for caching purposes or something. If you know what the Google Bot wants with my site, please let me know.