Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Painter, I Am Not.

At present, I am attempting to paint Tuvia's bathroom. Not his main one, or his guest one, but the half-bath that's near the kitchen that, well, I guess would be considered a small powder room in a way.

We went to Home Depot last night, my mind set on what type of color I was looking for -- something between latte and mocha, but more on the mocha end of things. We bought paint, primer, some brushes, some roller brushes, a handy-dandy extender thing since I'm so short, and some other paint goods. I felt prepared. Surely, surely I had everything!

But I haven't painted in years. I used to help my mom paint the walls in our house, but they were white and the walls were white before them and it wasn't a perfect science. And me? I'm a perfectionist.

So I got up this morning, ripped some things out of the wall, removed nails, threw up some Spackle to cover the errors, let it dry (from pink to white, how handy!), sanded, vacuumed it all up (and almost sucked up a trash bag in the process), then put up the primer and now? Now I'm covered in paint spots, the house smells like weird painty fumes, and I am frustrated. Did I mention I've watched more than a dozen "how to" videos online since 10 a.m.?

Being a perfectionist, I want the most perfect paint job. I want it all to be seamless. I suppose I should have hired @MichelChagall to make sure I had everything I needed, or better yet, I should have flown him out to work his paint magic voodoo craft. Because right now? It's not looking so hot, I don't think. I mean, the paint isn't even up yet and I'm feeling all "blah" about it.

But, I suppose, we'll see how it goes. The theme I'm aiming for is "coffee shop." There is a poster, some paintings, some candles, shelves, and other things that I'll be decorating the room with. It's small, and I don't want to overdo it, but I want it to say "Chavi" so, you know, I have a little space that's somehow me.