Sunday, June 25, 2006

Demoted goat?

I waited too long for the bus today and ended up late to work. My plot to have a friend let someone at work know I would be late failed to work when said person ended up not being at his desk tonight. So I showed up late and in my bustle to get to work on time, I passed the Square like I always do, but this time ... there were probably nearly 200 homeless people in the Square. There were big neon signs at tables that said different things, the only one I picked up on was "PRAYER." And then, across the Square was a giant bus that said "PORTA KLEEN" on the side. Evidently it was that time of the month where all the homeless gather in the Square to take a shower on the portable shower mobile. Talk about strange. I've never seen such a gathering before, and it was rather frightening. So many homeless people in one space ... but hey, they looked happy.

I made Chicken Waldorf Salad today, and it was quite delicious. Though I neglected to bring enough bread to really make it as delicious as it could have been. So for now, it'll sit in the minifridge until I can procure more. But hey -- I MADE SOMETHING! I also intend on making a HUGE salad when I get home because I'm fucking starving. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. Maybe I'll hardboil some eggs. Who knows. I'm living dangerously!

And I signed up for Netflix again. Why? Because I know I can go through at least five movies a week. That's why. And because I may actually have company with which to watch them, too. Amen.