Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What tangled webs we Weave

So who do you believe? The Israelis or Human Rights Watch.

Of course I'm taking about the "shelling" by Israeli forces that killed seven people along the Gaza Strip. Seven people who were picnicing. CNN reports that an investigation by Israeli forces have concluded that the beach wasn't shelled, but rather that underground mines planted in recent weeks by Palestinian Hamas militants exploded, killing the seven. Human Rights Watch says that's ludicrous. Israel says Hamas quickly removed the remaing mines after the incident. Human Rights watch says that's ludicrous. Israel says the injuries to the deceased and injured coincide with an underground explosive. Human Rights Watch says, no dice.

Not sure what I believe. Not sure what I should believe and shouldn't believe. I suppose an independent investigation would be a good plan. But we all know coverups happen and lies are told. I just wish Hamas hadn't of pulled its truce.