Monday, June 19, 2006

How much wood could a Jew chuck if a Jew was really a Jew?

I just happ'd upon a column on Ha' It's about the president of Israel refusing to address the president of the Union for Reform Judaism as "rabbi" because, well, he was raised to only address rabbis ordained in HIS Judaism as rabbi and the president of the URJ, of course, was ordained as a reform rabbi. Problem? I think most outside of Judaism with little to no knowledge of the woe of intra-Jewish conflict wouldn't get it. Those aware of the friction within Judaism both in Israel and the diaspora understand wholly. And it sucks.

The columnist, Shmuel Rosner, has some really great points in his piece. I was excited to read someone talking on the plight of the 1.5 million reform Jews in the U.S. But then at the end he said
But responsibility in this case rests on the shoulders of the other, more important president.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'll admit that leading the nation of Israel is big doins. But I wouldn't go gauging who is the more "important" one. Maybe I'm fickle. But really. Sigh. I also sensed this slight ... "well, come on Moshe Katzav, we know he isn't a REAL Jew, just call him Rabbi and we'll deal with it later" ... tone to the piece.

I think I may reread Jew vs. Jew. Why? Because it's an amazing book and I'm frustrated with the "Who is a Jew" question that goes beyond who your mama is and instead is a so, "how Jewish ARE you" question. Mrph.