Friday, June 30, 2006

Get up or go away.

I ventured out for a haircut today and got caught walking home in the rain -- but it was okay because it was a warm, light rain. The kind of rain you want to sit down in a park with someone in. Cozy, warm rain. But alas, it was just me and some latino painters rushing to cover up their work before the small storm. I went over to Dupont Circle for the cheapest haircut I could find (16 clams), and I ended up sitting in the Circle watching this dad play with his toddler for a while. The kid would chase sticks the guy threw, and it made me laugh. It also made me feel this stupid, silly longing for children and a husband to call my own. Calm down, Amanda. I do love the Dupon, though. It's quiet, but noisy and has lots of snazzy shops. I ended up buying a CD that Melstar suggested to me by the lady voice of Frou Frou, Imogen Heap.

I then just had a conversation with a gent about the thrill of the hunt, in referring to the hunt for the opposite sex, that is, and a few of the final words on the topic:
me: some nice peppering, a la dick cheney perhaps
him: i prefer my hunts to be dickless
I had to share. I really did. It made me giggle in immature, fabulous ways. So rejoice, damnit.

I started the day feeling worse, though now I feel much better. I wish I had gotten better sooner. Now I have to decide dinner plans ... if only I'd made it to the center for some Kosher Pizza and S'mores...

EDIT: I neglected my reason for posting: I had a wacky dream last night that involved this neverending green garden hose. I was yelling at some unseen person to wind it tighter, and they wouldn't, it just kept flopping down in front of me and I started screaming and then I woke up coughing violently. Says one dream reader: "
To see a hose in your dream, represents renewal, rejuvenation and cleansing. You need to heal those emotional wounds so that you can continue to grow as a person. Alternatively, it may be a metaphor for sex and sexual gratification."