Saturday, June 10, 2006

Small things I've learned today:

1) Free Tabs in big cities are good for one thing, and one thing only: Umbrella use. I reminded myself to pick up the umbrella off the back of the door before heading out, as the forecast called for thunderstorms. And did I? No. It was cloudy on my walk to the bus stop and nearly the moment I got on the bus, it began pouring. I got off the bus and walked about 2 blocks before finding a stand full of the Enquirer (a local free daily). Thus, umbrella. I made it to the Post (about another 2 blocks) dry as could be.
2) The toilet paper at the Post has seashells on it. How cozy.
3) The Russian Holiday on Monday is actually Russia Day ... the celebration of independence and the creation of the Russian Federation in 1991.
4) The Holocaust Museum here is only closed two days a year: Yom Kippur and Christmas. Now, that seems incredibly odd to me. Maybe I'm expecting more from my Holocaust memorial, but what about Passover? At least the head days, anyhow. If anything, I would think Easter is more holy than Christmas. It seems like they picked the most commercial Christian holiday and the most holy Jewish holiday. Why not toss in a little Easter? Rosh HaShanah? Passover?

That's all for now. I swear by all that is good and holy I will pull my tuches out of bed in the morning for Shabbat service. I will then go home and take a nap. It will be, in fact, glorious.

From me and to you: "There is no moment more vital than the one right now. There is no space more crucial than the one in which you stand."