Friday, June 9, 2006

Walking in the Rain with Grocery Bags

Just call me stupid. Though I think the error was not introduced by me ... I do recall writing I-395, becuase I've been on the blasted thing. But alas, there's the story on the website, with the caption wrong. I could kick myself in the tuches. Anyway, my first story edited and headlined with the Washington Post is here. Beautiful, nu? Sigh.

It was the only story I read last night. The only one. I sat there more or less for five hours consuming over-priced pizza and refreshing my e-mail and intraoffice messaging system. It was kind of ... lonely. Then I walked past the scary square and got on the bus and went home. Rinse and repeat. I need to remember to take my nameplate with me tonight, in case I actually get to sit somewhere. In case.

You know, come to think of it, three different people looked at that story before I left and they both said "great captions and heds." So, take that, you. People.

I don't get to hit up shul tonight and it's unsettling. I like to think I'll be up in the a.m. for morning service, but we know how well I go with mornings, especially after waking up at 7:30 most of the week. Oh it's all frustrating me.

I have decided though, that the best way to ensure not getting killed on my walk from the Metrobus stop to my apartment is to walk along the wall of the Russian Embassy. That way, if I die a bloody, horrible death, one of their many cameras will capture it on film. I wonder if the cameras will be on Monday ... since evidently, it's a Russian holiday. I don't know which one, becuase I'm not up on that.

I'm constantly exhausted.