Friday, June 30, 2006

So whatcha gonna do?

A) I'd never really felt the divide within the Jewish community until last night when having a rather mild conversation with someone raised orthodox. Hearing "their" versus "our" was something I guess was imagined in Judaism. The idea that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew is idealized, I suppose. And depressing. And now with things so wild in Israel, shouldn't the Jewish community be livening its bonds? Putting aside perhaps HOW Jewish you are? I just always thing, when Hitler came for us, he didn't pick apart who was a "light Jew" and who davened three times a day and wore tefillin, did he? No. He didn't. Count your blessings.

B) I'm completely blown away by recent events in Israel. More importantly, what a horrible time to go gallivanting through the West Bank when your largest group of supporters has just been shunned by the inability of the president to use the word "rabbi." Blown away and unsure what it means. I'm worried about Iran, I'm worried about the world community. I'm worried about antiSemitism and the crushing need for power and feeling "safe." Will we ever feel safe? If we demobilize the Hamas-led Palestinian government, will we feel safe then? Ever since the Jewish community achieved a Jewish state and established a fist to fight back with, after thousands of years, a mighty fist, it seems that ... I don't know. I worry, I worry. There are more than 50,000 stories in google news with the world "Israel" in them. That's ... well ... hrrumph.

C) I feel better, though I'm sick of waking up groggy.