Thursday, June 15, 2006

What would you do, if the Man shut you down?

I went out and about today. Made my way through Lafayette Park and to the White House. Stopped by the 20-year-old protestors post across from the White House and then down by the Washington Monument. I headed to the American History Museum of the Smithsonian and halfway through it, my batteries died. So I've got some pictures up on my flickr account, but I cut my adventure short because of the dead batteries. This means, however, that in the future I will be spending more time walking about the mall, hoping to gather some photos with ME in them. It's hard to sight-see alone, I've discovered. I did, however, run into a Orthodox Jew who I really wanted to say "Shalom, take my picture?" to, but I didn't. I'm sure he would have looked at me odd or starting talking in Hebrew or something and I would have most likely looked like a shmo. Ahh well.

I'm devastated. Why, you ask? Because my favorite uploader, guardedheart, has been SHUT DOWN by the man. This user uploaded gobs of Wonder Years videos to the site, making my little heart go pitterpatter because it's my favorite show from oldtyme TV. The most horrible thing of all is that I'd buy them legitimately on DVD, but they'll never be released. You know why? Because of music rights. Yup. It costs too much cash money. This is why folks nowadays have gotten smart and started using little known bands to showcase on their shows. It's cheap for DVD makin'. Sigh. Goodbye Wonder Years, I loved the well.

Tomorrow it's back to work. Tomorrow is also the first of six consecutive days I will be working. This means that after those six days, Heather and I will be hanging out and I will be overjoyed. This also means lots of on-the-bus time, lots of working out time and lots of sitting around at the office doing nothing but making myself look busy time. It isn't the work in "real, adult life" that sucks. It's the lack of anything.