Friday, July 14, 2006

A friend posted very recently on a message board that when his mother was in Israel in the 70s, she "saw how the Israeli troops were always on the edge of their seats, ready to go out and kill." He's neither Jewish or Israeli, and neither is his mother. And that statement offends, offends, offends. I know people who have served with the IDF and I'm pretty sure that they don't have the "kill, kill, kill" like a lot of U.S. testosterone-fueled army folks do. Sigh.

Can't anyone see the positive side of invading Lebanon? Can't anyone see the destruction of the hub of Hezbollah as a GOOD thing? Maybe the threat of boming normal locales isn't the best of ideas, but damnit, there are nations who are letting terrorists sit pretty and aren't doing a damn thing about it because they're scared. Isreal is speaking. Why can't anyone else speak? Sigh.

I'm so frustrated. And no one seems to understand.