Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Come, my hippie brethren, PEACE and LOVE!

I've never heard of this movement, but on a message board a fellow claims to be a member of the movement, which he associates with Judaism. As a "branch" of Judaism. This "branch"? Raelian. The basic belief is "that scientifically advanced humanoid extraterrestrials, believed to be known by our primitive ancestors as Elohim (or "those who came from the 'sky'"), synthesized life on Earth through mastery of genetic engineering.

You can visit their Web site here.

Intergallactic visitors? I don't think so. Their official symbol is pictured below. The first is the symbol previous to 1991, and the other is post-1991. I can understand, well, you know, why they changed it.This guy says he was visited by folks from another planet in the 1970s and was told to set up an embassy to welcome these fellows back. "Raelians believe that only love can stop war and injustice that currently persists in today's world. The form of love Raelians are interested not only includes emotional intelligence, but the also the science of the future that will enable mankind to reach a stage of bliss, in a unified world that embraces science and the many potential pleasures and solutions it may provide to remove suffering. For Raelians, happiness and love are the key to success."

Anyone else thinking about the comit people here? You know, the ones who drink Kool-Aid and such?