Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stop, bring it back. Art.

There is art. There is art that some find offensive. There's art that's fun and religious and passionate. There's photography. There's pictures my friends take and there's me looking a little crazy, but having fun. There's me with a menorah, a symbol in Judaism. A light, a memory. And this? This is not offensive. It's fun. It's creative. And it was a piece in a series of portraits where each person had a cigarette used in a different way with a symbol of something that represented themselves. Me? Menorah. Cigarettes? For the series. I don't smoke. I smoked once and it made me gag, for I have asthma. But for the series, I represented. Ignore how crazy I look and how long my hair is, mmk?

I think my face looks super pudgy in this photo. Whatever, I love it anyway. Maybe I'll write a book and it'll be the photo on the sleeve, eh? Thanks Kris and Alyssa (and also here) for the stellar work.