Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adventures in Georgetown.

I'm not in a mood to rant about things of consequence. The reasons being (some of the links may make you giggle):

1) I woke up at 6 a.m. to take my car into Arlington to be worked on.
2) I decided that going home and going back to sleep would ruin my day, so I stayed up and pranced around Georgetown and the C&O Canal through Georgetown, of which the pictures below are of. Around 10 a.m. I was exhausted and hot, so I went home.
3) I got home with hopes of napping, and there were three Hispanic men in my bedroom drilling a very large hole in the wall with loud machinery. They were replacing the A/C unit and I couldn't take a nap there or in the living room.
4) They busted a pipe (much like when they busted the pipe upstairs and flooded my apartment) and thus it took them even longer to finish installing the A/C.
5) I went into work at 2 p.m. tired, irritated, angry.
6) The car guy didn't call me (after 4 calls, 1 message) until 5:15 to tell me my car wasn't fixed and wouldn't be till sometime tomorrow because they didn't get authorization on my warranty to replace my transmission computer (big doin's, folks).

And that brings us to now. I'm feeling better now that there is working A/C, my bed is just inches away and I can sleep in tomorrow (barring a call from the car place saying my car has blown up). And then Wednesday and Thursday are off -- Wednesday with a dinner and Thursday I'll be visiting with other interns at the Israeli embassy to talk to the ambassador to the U.S. from Israel. But anyhow, enjoy some of the photos, the youtube silent video link of me walking down the canal in Georgetown and perhaps I'll take a jab at something tomorrow when I'm in happier spirits.

The top photo is just a really cool door I found in a sidestreet. The next photo is one of the boats that traverses the C&O canal. Below there are some photos of the canal and buildings built into the walls along the canal, and the bottom photo is of an alleyway between the two connecting buildings of the Ukrainian embassy in Georgetown. The embassy is housed in the Marbury building, named for the famous gentleman from Marbury v. Madison, if you know your cases. The building was built in 1788, and I, I stood on the stoop ...