Monday, July 3, 2006

Becoming Gay

I think this article is really fascinating. And I hope you do, too. It's coming out in the July 10 issue of TIME, so this is just a sneak, but I think it's interesting. Maybe people will stop being such assholes about "gay" being a choice. Though I suppose this may ruin the argument for lesbians ...

From the article: Anthony "Bogaert believes the answer may lie in the mother's immune system. Mothers' bodies naturally recognize boy fetuses as slightly more alien than girl fetuses, since all of us carry sex-specific proteins in our bloodstreams. Some mothers may develop antibodies to those male proteins. In subsequent boy pregnancies, Bogaert theorizes, the antibodies may cross the placenta and affect regions of the fetal brain that determine sexual orientation."

Fascinating, don't you think?