Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spend a Minute in my Shoes

So I like Klezmer music. Now, I hadn't really listened to much Klezmer before, and I was pretty sure all Klezmer was the same. But after listening to a station with tags including a variety of "Jewish"-related terms, I've happ'd upon some interesting groups. So I listen to this station that tosses around Matisyahu, Zohar, the Klezmer Conservatory, Black Ox Orkestar, Adam Green, Bob Dylan and other groups/singers that fall under something "Jewish." But the Klezmer, it gets me boogying and grooving. I'm a fan.

I'm going to sit on my Israel/Lebanon/Hezbollah/World War III/Meeting of the Religious fanatics rant. Only because I spent all day on a secular forum with friends "discussing" the topic. All was well till I had to defend myself (my Judaism) . Sometimes I just want to talk, not defend. I can't defend the killing of civilians in the pursuit of disarming a terrorist group that wants to wipe us and Israel off the face of the planet, but I can defend Israel and what it stands for. Adonai, Adonai, Adonai ...

I've decided that when it comes to bargaining for a job, I need Fridays off. I can't not have my Shabbat, and it's driving me nuts. My week neither ends nor begins, and I need the fluidity of shul and study. Thus, when it comes to negotiating for a new job, that will be requirement number one. I'll take split days off if needbe. I just need my Shabbat! Aye!

I wish I could read what the next few months hold for me. My path could lead me just about anywhere at this point. It's exciting and scary. I wanted to be without ties any one place, and now I'm realizing that it can create a big ball of "what now?"