Friday, July 28, 2006

Books Galore. Who needs a Job when I've got books?

I went to lunch today in Alexandria with a friend at this swanky French cafeteria-style joint that was anything but cafeteria style. Though there is, indeed, no other way to describe it. The interior? Beautiful. Ambiance? Wonderful. Jam? Delish. I should have taken a picture, but maybe I'll go back and explore Old Town in the coming weeks when my time isn't so pressed with looming work. But my point: We went to this used bookstore (a small joint with swanky, raw music playing) and I picked up a book. My habit is buying books, and frankly I can think of worse things to be addicted to. The book? The Kidnapping of Edgar Mortara, a true story about a 6-year-old Jewish boy kidnapped from his home by the papal authority in the late 1800s to be baptized. Right up my alley of fascination with Sephardic culture and the inquisition's affects on Sephardic Judaism.

But I just happ'd upon a review in Moment Magazine of Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart, and although I shouldn't be procuring books actively until I finish up Philip Roth's thrilling WWII-era read, I can't help but wonder which I should read next. Absurdistan, according to the Post reviewer, "does a marvelous job of satirizing the new Russian oligarchy, as well as the American lifestyle and the two countries' shared megalomania, consumerism and appetite for exploiting small countries." I can't really describe it beyond that, so you'll have to read the info on Amazon. But evidently, according to Moment's review of it, if you are easily offended, then this book really, TRULY is not anywhere in the realm of being for you.

Books a plenty, what ever shall I do?

I was turned down today (in a letter, of course) by The Oregonian. Not only was I turned down, but I got a copy of my resume returned with several corrections. All but one, in my opinion, were unnecessary (such as putting "Colo." after "Denver" ... it isn't AP style, and frankly, there is one Denver on the map that is recognizable, no?). So not only did I feel rejected, but I also felt completely stupid. So my wonderful morning/afternoon were deflated and now I await news from the homefront on job stuff. I try not to write on career issues in here because it isn't what this blog is about. This blog is about me, my Judaism, Israel, my progression, how I feel about all things Jew.

So I'll just say this: If I don't get a job in the next month, chances are good that I'll plant my feet somewhere I WANT to live and work a pud job until I can apply (successfully) for Graduate School. I did, however, get a note from a former boss who told me that graduate school is a WASTE of time. Little does he know I want to teach, and for someone who wants to teach, graduate school is all there is.